Why should I use travel’s services ?

Many of us love travelling. And it’s very easy to travel, especially in countries that the people are most welcome to tourists. Bali for instance. The people are very kind, nice and helpful. So, coming to Bali is so easy for tourists, not only domestic, but also for foreigners from all around the world.

What make us want to provide tour services in Bali is to make sure your visit here has the most comfortable, safe and fit your needs. Yes you can easily get Bali’s map at the airport. You can easily booked your hotels online. You can also easily rent your transportation from the brochures you get at the airport. 

Unfortunately, it’s all marketing. Everyone is promoting their services as the best. They give alternative of places to visit while in Bali. They provide tours to go to places that is wellknown here in Bali. The question is : ‘are those places fit your interests?’

We believe that every tourist is different. All have their own preferences. Maybe some love the beaches and some love the mountains. Some love shopping while others don’t. With the uniqueness of one’s pleasure, how can be posible to go to the same place when you use the travel’s service that already has a destination? We also believe that we should give the most of pleasure FOR the tourists instead of getting the most out OF them.

So, that’s why we decided to give tourists the best holidays in Bali by choosing their own accomodation, transportation, places to go, games to play, shopping or no, adventure or just want to relax and enjoy the peace of the suroundings in the hotel or villa. 

Why should I use travel’s services, especially SAMPATTI to arrange my tour in Bali? Well, we have 7 reasons for you…..

  1. All you have to do is just COME….all are well prepared (as your wish before)
  2. The places you are going to visit are the places of YOUR interest
  3. SAFE journey with trusted driver
  4. Effective TIMING since we already estimated the time for your trip
  5. UPDATE of new places to visit, what to see or buy
  6. Special PRICE for entry tickets or games
  7. You can use only ONE of the services, no obligation to take the whole packages

Won’t believe it until you try….

Give us a call at +6281 337 266 816 or email us at sampattitour@yahoo.com for free consultation….



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